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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 3, 2011, 10:36 AM

Magic. by thecatspyjamas a short film about killing vi by cPaos
:thumb171089922: Spontaneous by Mlle-Dreamer
on a cold night by bailey--elizabeth The Messenger by Magnus68
:thumb179373522: :thumb170099316:
no future by Mapply 777 by Mapply
and in a dream. by gloeckchen Gamou by 6Artificial6
can't by vouloir Day after day by Julie-de-Waroquier
Hunters by sexties


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 26, 2010, 8:02 AM

I do realise I missed the November Feature and I do realise it's still November but I just can't wait to say that I got my second Daily Deviation :dance:
of my curiosity by theluckynine

thank you MayaVogrin and Shalora :heart:


Molecules by PukeChrist :thumb157487899:
:thumb167260008: Necklaces by Harley-Queen
Just Friends by sexties 351920 by hiimlucifer
Private Prison IX by hiimlucifer :thumb170450254:
Mon Chaton by skeev Rainbow family member 10 by BenoitPaille
a man about secrets iii by cPaos :thumb183563925:
RedLips BlackDress GreySmoke by ToToMiNa seek solace by AlicjaRodzik


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 10, 2010, 9:20 AM

super busy with sketching, drawing, designing, working with models and enjoying the last year at the university. hopefully there will be some theluckynine-t-shirts around the internet soon.

theluckynine on facebook:


round 'n round by luv4xc a shortfilm about puppet boy x by cPaos
Direction by bakablue08 a man about secrets iii by cPaos
Bloodpool by albertopoloianez how mornings should start by lichtfaengerin
Balancing window by vbagiatis Przemieszczanie. by narva
Private Prison IX by hiimlucifer feeling your wounds by Valioza
Dancing in the street by achemicalreaction


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 12:58 PM

theluckynine on facebook:


the queen is dead by kalosz Carousel Lights by futurowoman
:thumb152756091: two by The96th
g_ID3 by gab CM project_kiril_1 by Rimka
syrr_kamp_3 by gab Rabcat by BenoitPaille
x-ray by psychiatrique beautiful noise by dssi
p e a c h by P0RG Lubitel 1 by femtyechrome
lubitel - dollhouse memoirs by jcgepte trafic pietonal by naaimad


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 11:40 AM

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:thumb143269458: :thumb82050989:
shortfilm about puppetBoy viii by cPaos arms by seafoodmwg
Just Friends by sexties a man about secrets i by cPaos
4309 by hiimlucifer Spotlight by sexties
Where is my mind ... ... by DomyBlue silent memories by quadratiges
:thumb64441962: Mould III by burcumbaygut   
Home by lukeroberts :thumb127088919: :thumb172009217:


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 19, 2010, 2:42 AM

got new camera! :dance:


about blind chanc iv by cPaos short film about stockholm i by cPaos
departure from cairo by denizsabuncu :thumb164219157:
anna. by la-child Where is my mind ... ... by DomyBlue
I dream with a rabbit... by evamorgan hide me by lans-bejbe
nerphy inDisguise with glasses by cPaos :thumb169410790:
POUR BLOOD by SophieCalist air by melkore314
Let freedom ring. by t-y-l-e-r Toes by ediquish


Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 2:48 AM


gg by shapovalov 1 by magdarebejko
on my way home by ntscha snake by podobycko
AIDS square 1 by Propagandroid

Mature Content

Storefront Nudes by BobRock99

adieu les armes by Rimka I dont know how i am by 5pianos
music in the sun by Gubolas 28 by dim-baida
Najbardziej prywatna. by narva J'aime couper du bois, la nuit by AlexandraSophie
Selfportrait 3 by Mezig The Morning After by hiddenmoves

sold first photo for a book cover


Journal Entry: Sat May 1, 2010, 8:10 AM


Reach for the Sky. by zombiewhale

Mature Content

SR 3 by DianaBodea

With All My Lies by MartinStranka :thumb162473645:
at the very coastline by melkore314 BALLUNA by zuckerfuss
:thumb147740903: :thumb149560266:
:thumb162174563: :thumb72250791:
:thumb156396889: Won't you try to find me? by Ambyon
oguzunaklndakiisim by amazoncocugu pieces by NoirFeu
light leaks by hills-and-buttercups Wheel of Dreams by MoiMM


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 4:54 AM


you know her by little-pretty

Mature Content

Freakshow. by narva

:thumb96301836: Mons Martyrium by ks7
:thumb155670183: light whispers by Dignacker
Grandma's Tools by R1chu5-Photo Scar-TheraPy by HaReoO
Home Is Where The Heart Is by Migrena protect me by EbruSidar
pedestal by aimeelikestotakepics Sunburn by hiimlucifer
kok. by AnBystrowska The Preparation by theflickerees
memories by Pathogens :thumb156910915:


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 2, 2010, 5:08 AM


freeze by aR-Ka Stand Your Ground by dopz
lovely day by uniquealim fumare by bagnino
Anathema by tasteofomi not waiting for by AlicjaRodzik

Mature Content

Basic Elements: Fear by KatjaFaith
dec by hiimlucifer
4yuz21 by ucmorlale :thumb50714528:
Highs and lows by aCherryBlossomGirl :+devwatch: by Menoevil
calm down my synapses by kalosz Dreamcatcher by sexties


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2010, 7:13 AM


:thumb102272572: Just by karstensenfotografi
.my personal angel. by introvertevent :thumb123856268:
short-lived by AlicjaRodzik le temps.. d'un silence by laflaneuse

Mature Content

Kladivo na carodejnice by Silecia
Von by narva
:thumb143580690: 27. 3:12 by SlevinAaron
Ballet XIII by Krass62 Memory brushes the same years by iNeedChemicalX
Poland no.212 by Sesjusz russian - re-edit by AncaCernoschi
Play by Julie-de-Waroquier t h e. t o r n a d o by GildedAgeBoy


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 2, 2010, 2:42 AM


love can do all but by aimeelikestotakepics Pamietniki Lucji Antoniny.K by narva
:thumb141286136: 098 by iposiniditos
:thumb144137210: z-85 by S6ltuvus
hippie hippie shake shake by lans-bejbe

Mature Content

Purest Feeling by ZoeSchnoz

oh ... by Piarvi-Recherreen Out of Control by hiimlucifer
:thumb130083352: on tiptoe by quadratiges
1A non by Mcdbrd Two by kosmodisk
:thumb96300874: good morning by oprisco


Journal Entry: Sat Dec 5, 2009, 4:58 AM


bio space by csali pearls by Megson
Bokeh season by ClaraMcGuireStudios Premonition by hiimlucifer
Dzis sie pogubie. by narva :thumb144029454:
exaltation by ForrestLucero sound by ForrestLucero
:thumb119578664: Our Laughing Heart by P0RG
marina 1 by oprisco Bipolar Disorder by Mbizarro
ht. by SnjezanaJosipovic This month, day 10 by kosmodisk
at all by ForrestLucero angel exit by Valdoo

S by djailledie :thumb103395771: Without identity by fogke
:thumb105464945: My favourite people pt.16 by martasmarta I believed by Onyria
bum I by amaia go went gone by theluckynine ppprinces by Maagdalenka
By Alyz 2008 III by buffet-froid :thumb93900668: :thumb97364833:
Summer Interlude by ClaraMcGuireStudios what are you changing by orbatid The furred animals by BenoitPaille
saturday by rockpiti the blue light of a TV show by startwearingpurple Kinga_05 by xPorcelainHeartx
My disaster by xMissTake Innocent II by JeanFan :thumb106331737:
under my umbrella II by nilgunkara Selfportrait in dead point by empatia fraktal look by gnato
:thumb99456449: 1962 by equivoque Madame reve by Alyz
Monsters in love II by Alyz Syntetyk. by narva We Are All Made Of Stars by crvena69
Retro Wind by alperyesiltas Tree eye by Aiae Szunet by kisskornel
spring came.. rain fell.. by biskuitoreo Harder to ign0re::. by HealYourself :thumb48132706:
wild life by curlytops a to bzdura by aparatka
Smartness by tasteofomi .time lapse by dippedFEATHER Tattoo Pioeuvre 8 by BenoitPaille
not waiting by theluckynine fish by Brungilda holga sunflowers II by quadratiges
effroi by julie-rc :thumb91577143: june legs. by thenclara
:thumb60899948: The Beast by deadst4r :thumb98576156:
in my clouds by Lucem Blackout by sevgihan baskalari da var masada by melige
hgbdet by BenoitPaille unschaetzbar by theluckynine Blink by badlydrawndoll
:thumb48651225: :thumb79072017: Gull by OnurY
obscurity by bailey--elizabeth :thumb101296796: Jump by Widyantara
:thumb43271187: Zebra On Fire. by Ytzeek :thumb91471590:
:thumb69475951: Nasika 4 by aprelka :thumb96300874:
I'm not there... by EmirKurtaran Chosen One by oozzee
Tasty Flower 1 by Marciedip the illusionist by theluckynine 010. by siniebraico
:thumb106851159: Where We've Been... by missatralissa shine on by martybell
the suicide by 5pianos detail by marielliott 03.01 by Merube
See through music by Julie-de-Waroquier Catch me if you can by iNeedChemicalX :thumb97105928:
yes, i have a mustache by BluishBubbles redcheekethnic by BluishBubbles Through a scanner, darkly. by worldsofsmoke
Connection 05 by hiimlucifer :thumb107175197: Hook by iNeedChemicalX
:thumb106441819: :thumb90557345: .. . . by Laihiliel
Follow the light by ManicBerry :thumb100402829: her name is L..... by suo-me
:thumb89740923: missile by alunaticloner lovely by theluckynine
Ballerina by floydianwaves ballerina by aidyladyy Ballerina by Madelevieve :thumb52628854:
White Dancer by lawrencew The Ballerina by pianobleeder Ballerina. by Glambition Water Ballet by girltripped
Ballerina I by h-aniko Ballerina out of control by counterform Ballet Bondage by jakegarn Ballet Shoot 1 by distemper
Point on the Piano by yildiztozu Bus Stop. by girltripped Fat Ballet by FallingSensibly
Underwater Ballerina by Burnouthappy Ballet Laugh by evanjacobs Ballerina by ironsid
:thumb71388771: :thumb50690493: Ballet Ponce by Soldelunas Dolls by Alcholado
:thumb30194197: The Dancer by mixylplik3 :thumb74773979: :thumb60838503:
ballet on the beach by nnoik Ballet 2 by jakegarn Urban Ballerina by HannahCombs
Ballet a la Urbane by evolutionsky Ballet        b+w by kassyd ballet II by pannaivo young ballerina by art-fm
Ballet Life I by Rosamapose Little Pink Angel by webworm Dolls V by Alcholado Ballet by Industrial-Alchemy
Ballet II by Alcholado fifth position. by frenchiee :thumb98641665: Ballerina Leftovers by girltripped
the 'Y' balance by chiquitaf energy by lightandshadow :thumb97651216:
Dingy ballerina by Albino-Kittie ballerina by CombatBaby69 My Ballerina by JayCrewsPhotography
like breathing II by pamdzmz Petits Pieds by Elleir Ballerina by jmaltez
Jackie by Krakhan Fly by fallenrosemedia :thumb80711020:
:thumb85565741: 'Appres mon ballet solo' by knjo little dancers by Loochi
Ballerina by mkpd TILL DEATH DO US PART by Krakhan 'Candy' by zairia :thumb95861570:
A Dance of Delirium by katrinapallon Ballerina III by dzzudy Keep Me Where The Light Is 2 by Jaicca Ballerina by K8muller
:thumb92965806: ballerina toes. by Pretty-As-A-Picture :thumb94136293: Satisfaction by blerinn
:thumb91041506: 'butterfly caught: by HARDcoreLOVERS Anarchy and Ballet? lol by usedchemicalromance :thumb89847079:
:thumb88453825: Dancer in the Dark III by Anonymous-Caribou Pointe by Griet-pearl :thumb85949750:
Ballet girl by slatkatajna Moments in Time. by caitlin-may ballett by LeeAkin
Urban ballerina part1 by dancingperfect :thumb77240199: :thumb82391796: Creepy Twins by CrimsonImp
like breathing V by pamdzmz :thumb85162880: Arcoiris by Vanimelir

do the d.a.n.c.e. ID by theluckynine 0,02 by theluckynine 0,01 by theluckynine P by theluckynine
artificial sweetener by theluckynine emotion No. 21 by theluckynine Lilac by theluckynine
the dancer by theluckynine 9 mm above the ground by theluckynine
:thumb94916556: Chef recipe by Soo-Me bubblegum necklace by dottydotcom Melon Love by KweenKaitlyn
:thumb90136969: :thumb75615908: butterfly by enasni Reflection by SynthTwins
lightbulb by tina-p +TASTE THE RAINBOW+ by homigl14 :thumb91397110:
:thumb95394522: look at me by Gewof Time to say goodnight. by incredi
Hello Dolly by DalaiHarma Kelly Watch The Stars by CarekillsKitty :thumb84880797: Pale Crimson 04 by retrodiva88
Hanna Beth and Audrey Twiggy by Klariza :thumb67760788: Kawaii by DalaiHarma PO L A R O I D FEELING by My-First-Diary
Marie Antoinette: Gluttony by fatallook :thumb79363131: Colorfull by Helenabw
:thumb47485784: pink world by highdetalio Exotic by catlover
Pink Bathroom secret by PrinceOfDreams Silly String Suicide by jakegarn Pupaphobia No.2 by iusedtobeacat
Candy Wonderland 2 by slumberdoll Noa's Vacation by b-e-c-k-y
Eye Candy by ninazdesign :thumb39109189: win98 by foart
injection by bummelant Got Pink? by littlemewhatever Isabella Bernau by aRnie41gothrockgirl
Spitting Rainbows II by Shardae I dont need love by janonabox :thumb53388056:
CUPCAKE by GeeWiz :thumb65483764: :thumb92035634: Before the Rain by jakegarn
Pink Star by slumberdoll PinkLady by SimpleThingsLikeYou :thumb87786837:
:thumb98827014: Koi Fish by briteddy The Filthy Bathtub by Elektrische
outter space. by thephotogenesis by neutralnie :thumb83633624: 19 by Maagdalenka
Time Consuming by whitewisker pinch the doll. by Cassamaboo Hello Kitty. by shiyagatte
Fruit Loops I by Rockerbitch Mary the Model by bar13iedoll Baby Pink by FurtiveLungs HellOoo-PenCiLs by CarekillsKitty
:thumb80292192: Girly Girl by FurtiveLungs Malice by LoganX78

Mature Content

schneebesen by Navros

Hello Kitty by PonyAnarchy hgbdet by BenoitPaille Show you how by april182
lovey by vitzy his dirty laundry by xbatsatnightx
please call me. by Moosiatko lovegg by dkraner fluorescent. by fantasmagorria
I'll be your fantasy by Blo0wm0on cuddle-ish by ya7obeelk Summer Tastes Like Cherries by Sophibelle
:thumb98847897: lips by SkinByrd69 Polka Dot Nails by MissHayleyBee
First Lady 1 by onixa :thumb61782111: It's a little...Sketchy. by jack22 :thumb81456815:
Polka Dots by unsafetyp1n BUNNY 2 by denyseee kitten by amorosaBlack
Pretty in Pink II by Alizee103 It's time for spring now by valeriemonthuit Lace by Couleur345

casio exilim 12.1 ad. by DoThat
sorry na ha by legriv Thatsa gud cweschun by goldchocobo heaven?hell? by luthien-numenesse Foam Flow by KatieAnnOwens
This is the disco by marywinkler
Imagine Fire. by medli20 :thumb86286349: :thumb85547634: FaceBash by Jawa-Tron
:thumb83926617: paranoia by Chebi MyBrainHurts by gutterpunkgirl
:thumb68334713: :thumb79317408: Martian Scene by Adoradora
world of hysteria by goenz Temple sweet temple by caramelaw Cacophony of color by JoeMacGown :thumb57833475:
We_Come_In_Piece by prettymonkey26 :thumb77588775: KRISHNA by archanN
Stuffbox by sunsE :thumb71977469: Kawaii B-day and 50k Thanks by KawaiiUniverseStudio
:thumb81640089: collab with tyan-tyan by krayolaeater discografik by loveisickprojekt
RAC REMIXES VOL.1 by Akutou-san Sydney  in 2030 by photoshop-addict28 :thumb44412584:
:thumb74790713: :thumb65898066: Dream Time popgun page 3 by RalphNiese Sleep Tight by NeverRider
Jeffrey vs. Sheldon by sheld0n :thumb76664248: cutemosh by pronouncedyou One dream one world by goenz
:thumb85753989: Bacon Rhapsody by FlowisKing :thumb69061652: Super Mario - Life is a Game. by PeterPan-Syndrome
Uprising of the Zombie Genie by SuperFex we love forest by goenzWN CityOfCrazyDolls Incomplete by dchan
:thumb56690147: Wonderland by theyellowdino Multi-Culturalism by dontpaniconline
Mother Nature by ChewbaccaSauce :thumb63552424:

vectorworld by theluckynine
nasty tales by theluckynine
Rainbowface by PorcelainPoet :thumb82662981: face paint by jokester246 :thumb29649600:
Little Spies by LikeAnOpenBook +hello april+ II by Green-Lily once was not... by Lady-Twiglet Camouflage by nureen
mardi gras by electricdisaster Paint The Sky by larafairie psychedelia by Vive-Le-Rock miriam by danieladrianflores
:thumb65943761: :thumb66460993: face by february-star paint it black II by Green-Lily
:thumb75889619: Feelings by redrockerr painting the face, mouth by cinderellaca
playing coy by Rachquel Painted Portrait by A-Fool makeup by Never-let-me-go Tin - powder makeup by max-stone
Makeup Session by kukutchumutchu 101 by Maagdalenka Matrioshka. by saturninus Bath of ink by OrdinaryThing
Paint Me Something Unknown by XxRealityDeathWishxX :thumb89744476: :thumb75885193: Immersed in My Art by 0bsessi0n
:thumb86148816: A louer, pour usage unique by BenoitPaille We Are All Made Of Stars by crvena69
twins by Gudmundsdottir :thumb54697074: Jester by lacedupandnoweartogo
:thumb77558976: A Lack Of Color by Wacia COLORFUL WORLD by OrdinaryThing
Paint by mia77 :thumb82374368: Wet paint II... by Magical-Lasso
Color Frantic by Gil-Levy Blue, Blue, Green by jakegarn :thumb86679272:
:thumb53929969: Earth Elements by mad-dame A Blank Canvas 2 by Archar Paint by christinephotog
Anni-The Unhappy Egg by FurtiveLungs Wet Paint... by Magical-Lasso :thumb60413582: Paint I by educatedfool89
Paint Faerie Says RAWR by fetishfaerie-model Water-colour by Olegito paint by hellomryellowshirt Just paint your face by Marori
Cannibalism by Cruzore :thumb75179446: Colorx II by aveyy Paint by dub-psychosis
Ashley in paint by gnuhkym Paint Part III. by pukingpastilles 000220 by onthemenu :thumb81166946:
:thumb80513061: :thumb82597015: :thumb50531418: Paint by Freddyisnotfantasic
paint by pelvictrust :thumb49722842: Paint rules by DanniHaus

watermelonised by theluckynine
:thumb93275646: arc-en-ciel by theluckynine furious by theluckynine
:thumb84070237: :thumb78981166: :thumb81151655:
:thumb86674078: Both by byluluka January Train-Still by bexe
:thumb89634033: Krzysiek 2 by theaudioslave :thumb81871994:
Erica I by yell1 :thumb89729542: :thumb82120928: Istanbul Not Constantinople 3 by hakanphotography
:thumb62532910: stripes. by Pretty-As-A-Picture Graffiti 2 by reshad80
:thumb77162303: joey by yayaaja surrounded by grafitti by Healzo graffiti queen II by paradoxphotography
Drawn story 1 by Anyra :thumb75214178: Street Shot 1 by Zandrino
graffiti and fashion by damntz Street Fashion 15 by boydphotography :thumb69644356:
Street Wear by miiyak0 Street Love by cougars Night Fuschia by jaysu
Abandoned Market 7 by bloodsplatteredangel :thumb59239592: Japanese Street Fashion by hakanphotography :thumb90274252:
:thumb91140194: where am i ? by giandhalimarta :thumb83981456: Fallen Idol 1 by dougfdoug
Radio Girl by anakmalaikat A City Pose by riowahaabphotography :thumb26101206: :thumb21965933:
metropolis . i by LenoraDark 7 3 04 Natalya 1 by strivingtoexist :thumb86848537: City Life by NoahPhotography
I Saw Stars by scottjamesprebble Skull by jakegarn uncover the city by Extravaganca Bloke from Soul City by ladymonroe
under city by johniek Surf in The City by terryfn San Francisco, city of art.. by op1805 :thumb65015242:
untitled by May-Elena Smoke Break San Francisco by djultraviolet :thumb85340580: :thumb81275675:
emmy by aquage :thumb89672295: :thumb79800209: :thumb86313155:
She was a skatergirl... by skategirl41 Akihabara Style by fotocraft Sky Catcher II by AnjaRoehrich
:thumb85385040: need less guys by shmayla :: Passion :: by nukieu
City Spin by Ericana lost + naked in the city again by noizeboy Angel Alfaro2 by Carminemodel
:thumb79624031: :thumb60509753:
Sunday walk by sixonempx :thumb60509505: There's a killer on the road by skeev
:thumb81726387: The Best Team by Conceptes
Phantom Lover by AnjaRoehrich Music Is My Hot Hot Sex by hakanphotography

good girls go to heaven by theluckynine :thumb85995536:
zero by theluckynine stalemate by theluckynine
Human dolls.

Dita - my favourite doll by josemanchado :thumb78010042: Hey Barbie by angelsaidhi Barbie by Stantonimaging
dolls_2 by Katarinka PaPeR DoLL 01 by eViL-DoLL Matrioshka. by saturninus menatreba.... by sabai
:thumb27702989: :thumb86642923: :thumb57811311: :thumb85194994:
:thumb78381401: :thumb46729553: Doll with glasses by vivavanstory :thumb59714266:
My DOLL. by LennethXVII Doll 6 by Hardcoreboy designer doll never get fat by yummyauri INDUSTRIAL DOLLS 1 of 5 by cdurocher
Doll of flesh I by ch3rrycreamshaken You hurt my feelings by DelSarro The doll by placebosuckerlav
vanilla by seventytw0dpi .baby doll by SnowMage The Doll by kati-katina
Doll series-Water1 by pinksparkle :thumb32247579: The lonely dancing doll 2 by narloke
doll shoot 04 by fauxtography-ninja The Doll by byluluka :thumb10047499:
The Doll by Julischka pinch the doll. by Cassamaboo Shaken no stired by fedexpelzel :thumb85579504:
Doll. by Rosaduchamp Doll II by SoraBelle :thumb83513472:
:thumb85672647: :thumb69381511: DoT Cosplay : Shall 3 by BlackMageAlodia Suspended Doll - 'Petite' by May-Machin
:thumb56633711: :thumb86167613: My new pretty doll by vivavanstory
:thumb79085429: Doll Face 2 by SocialFreeakdom Devil Doll 4 by Pale-Enchantress Fanned I by TylersAngel
Doll III by andytta :thumb83866453: :thumb56237263: :thumb72257947:
life size IV by trixarentforkids :: Harajuku Doll :: by CedZ :thumb82757250: :thumb69751269:
:thumb6323599: In an Evergreen Labyrinth. by KassandraLeigh High Tea V by Toeps
doll 1 by johnsimanjuntak :thumb86975483: Like a doll by muszka
:thumb47667692: coin-operated girl by hojax doll shoot 07 by fauxtography-ninja
Doll by PB-HASS doll shoot 01 by fauxtography-ninja doll no.2 by ball-jointed-Alice Doll by SuzySuicide
doll by johnberd :thumb64776581: doll shoot 03 by fauxtography-ninja :thumb59516871:
Josie Lee by MatthewCooke :thumb56206208: doll by NADJIA Doll 3 by Aiko273
Mimo Doll II by aveyy Wig Doll. by lunascissorhands :thumb75619900:
:thumb56727113: puppets 1.3 by yoferdinand Wilderness Doll by jakegarn
doll... by MoniqueDeCaro hello barbie... by pannaivo :thumb79867581:
harlequin girl by bailey--elizabeth :thumb66749917: Pink Barbie by SabineSchoenberger

:thumb90972124: :thumb80784219: :thumb77435301: